Always Drive With Caution & Care

UPDATE:  EFFECTIVE June 13, 2022 
County Road 436 (Floodwoods Road) is OPEN to all traffic.  We appreciate the publics patience as we worked to repair several failed culverts in addition to the spring thaw causing wet road conditions.

EFFECTIVE April 29, 2021
Crooked Lake Road aka "Ross Lake Rd" in Seney Township is closed to trucks due to a culvert failure.  Private passenger vehicles are able to safely drive through.  Crews will be working to repair the culvert as soon as possible.  Drive with caution and care.

Map Legend:
Green=All-Season Roads
Yellow=Seasonal Weight Restricted Roads (Permit Required)
Black=Seasonal Roads not Maintained from November 1-April 30

Green=All-Season; Yellow=Weight Restricted 30% Reduction; Black=Seasonal Road Not Maintained Nov. 1- April 30