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Q: What roads do Schoolcraft County Road Commission maintain?

A: SCRC maintains all county primary and local roads within Schoolcraft County. We do not maintain private roads or city streets. SCRC also has a maintenance agreement with the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) for 286 lane miles of state highway. Maintenance performed on the state highways includes plowing and ice control in the winter months and mowing, shouldering, tree cutting, sweeping, and culvert clean out work in the summer months.

Q: How do I make my private road into a public road maintained by the road commission?

A: Private roads will not be accepted as a public road until they are brought up to the current SCRC Subdivision and Public Road Standards.

Q: My property taxes always go up and never down, so why doesn't the road commission fix my road?

A: SCRC does not receive any property tax funds. Property tax funds go to the State of Michigan, local school districts, county and township government administration, and any special voted millages funding functions such as a county jail, libraries, and or central dispatch for 911 services. The only way SCRC receives property tax funds is if the township residents pass a road millage

Q: How are speed limits determined on county roads?

A: Road Commissions do not have the authority to install speed limit signs at their discretion. Before placing a speed limit sign, a speed study must be conducted and involve the Michigan State Police as well as the road commission. If no speed limits are posted the road is following the Prima Fascie Law which means the speed limit is 55 mph. This applies for all county roads whether they are paved or have a gravel surface.

Q: Who is responsible for railroad crossings?

A: The railroad company who owns the tracks is responsible for the crossings. Normally there is a small metal placard located on the railroad crossing sign adjacent to the tracks with company contact information. Any issue or incident that is an immediate safety hazard to any person should be reported to 911 immediately.

Q: Can I get a "Children at Play" sign installed on my road?

A: SCRC no longer places or maintains Children at Play signs even though there are some still in the county. Prior to 1983 these signs were acceptable under the Michigan Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MMUTCD), however, national studies showed that these signs have no effect on driver behavior and do not lead to slower traffic speeds as expected, so the MMUTCD was updated accordingly.

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